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Madi’s House was founded in honor of Madison (Madi) Raleigh, the dearly beloved daughter of Stephen and Julie Raleigh. Madi was a fun-loving, family-centered, beautiful soul who could make anyone she met smile.

Madi was always a charitable person who loved to help others and found great happiness in animals, art, music and especially dancing. Madi enjoyed the great outdoors and you could often find her in a camouflage sweatshirt, and hat. So, the Raleigh family decided to make “camo” & pink the organization’s colors.

Madi died by suicide on January 17, 2019 at just 24 years old after battling mental illness and addiction for many years. She worked and struggled to stay in this world. However, the mountain of addiction and mental illness proved too difficult to overcome following rehabilitation without any aftercare. What Madi needed was a “Bridge to Healthy” for a young adult who was attempting to change her life. She looked for this kind of support but it didn’t exist.

The Raleigh Family aims to assist any and all who are struggling with addiction and mental health issues to find true happiness and recovery. Their hope is that with Madi’s House, all who are suffering find relief in order to avoid the same fate Madi faced. Madi’s House will provide that “Bridge to Healthy” for adults who need a supporting community to help them maintain their recovery. We believe Madi’s House can make a difference because these services are not offered in the Greater Cincinnati community.

Madi’s House offers support and activities for young adults battling addiction and mental health issues. This free community center is the next step after rehab. Madi’s House continues a healthy path providing music, games, art classes, wellness programs, and special events.


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