On behalf of the leadership of the Evanston Community Council, Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation, King Studios and Bootsy Collins Foundation, four core non-profits reviving the King Records legacy together, we are very thankful to the City of Cincinnati and owner of the former King Records studio building for coming to terms to save the building and find a win-win path for all.  
Our four non-profits, in various forms since the Rock Hall and City established a historic marker at the site in 2008, have been honored to welcome a growing number of educators, organizations, and champions across the globe for the cause for King on Brewster Avenue in the educating neighborhood of Evanston.  We will continue to work together and further develop our partnership with the city to leverage new resources, to not only restore the amazing musical legacy, but also celebrate the unparalleled civil rights history which took place in the building.  
We recognize that King Records is still with us and we can choose to be alive with the King thing.  We will continue to prioritize King Records artists and legacies as our focal guiding point and inspiration – if we are given the opportunity to act in the sacred Brewster building.  We seek to bring new life through King for generations to come and believe that our city’s renaissance will only accelerate as we own of our music and civil rights culture.   We thank a united Mayor Cranley and City Council for their tremendous leadership and will be available for all decision-makers in the next steps of this process and opportunity.  
Ms. Anzora Adkins, Mr. Kent Butts, Mr. Elliott Ruther, Ms. Patti Collins, Mr. Marvin Hawkins