say it loud christmas




Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. So we are very concerned about our future farmers and hall of famers.

BCF will create opportunities to play whatever instrument you choose to play from piano, oboe, banjo, guitar to turntables, it is their choice but it is up to us to help provide them with the tools to help minimize the obstacles that they will face in this unforgiving life we all have to endure. We at BCF are determined to grow with the times while bringing the good old times back into our future. Our youth need more reliable and respectable platforms to demonstrate their creative energies as the musical process continues to unfold so that they can look forward to their future and have fun while in the process.


unnamed“Say it Loud-An-Instrument-4-Every-Child.” This program is designed for the preservation and education of past, present and future programs to keep the youth motivated and educated on music and how they too can become major players in this on going music arena. While building a circle of trust, people will learn the secrets of keeping music alive while re-introducing themselves and their music to future generations to come.